05 September - 2014
Before Your Tour: 5 Helpful Tips By: Help For Bands, 0 Comments

Planning a tour can be difficult and there are plenty of things you need to consider. To save you some time we’ve devised a list of things we’ve learnt along the way. Use this list to help with your planning before your tour. Make sure you also read the blogs ‘Touring and Performing Overseas‘ and ‘Advice for Booking Your Own Tour‘ to make sure you’re completely ready for it!

Before Your Tour:

  1. Make sure you set yourselves a budget so you only spend a certain amount each day. This way you shouldn’t run out whilst on tour. But just in case you do run out of money, It’s a good idea to have some to one side in the bank.
  2. Take ear plugs with you! We know it’s not ‘rockstar’ and you may even think that you don’t need it. However, it is so important to wear ear plugs at every gig you play or watch! Being exposed to loud music for too long could really damage your ears.
  3. Take some black tape with you to make sure there are no cables loose on stage. Tape them to the floor to prevent tripping on stage. This will make the venue staff happier and will also stop and accident happening during your performance.
  4. Keep your equipment safe! Once you have used your equipment put it back in your car or van to make sure it’s out the way from damage or even getting stolen. Take spare equipment with you just in case the worst happens.
  5. Have plenty of merchandise! Take T-shirts, CD’s, Vinyl’s, as much as you have. The majority of bands (even major artists) make money through their merchandise. Make sure you also take spare merch with you so that you can give it to the venue or to anyone else you feel are important enough to receive free merch! This way, they will remember you are more likely to contact you when they have a spare gig slot.