Annually Sponsorship

You have chosen the annually sponsorship package.

The annually sponsorship package includes getting:

  • Your advert in all editions of the newsletter for a whole year
  • A quarterly dedicated mail blast to our subscribers and mailing list promoting your various services
  • Your advert on our website for a whole year
  • Your services promoted over all our social media channels numerous times throughout the year
  • Your advert on our main sliding page

What happens with your design content

Your company brand and product / services will be promoted in our exclusive monthly newsletter (placed underneath) for one year, where artists and bands who have subscribed to our newsletter will be able to see your promotional advert and be able to contact you if it is something they are interested in or want more information on. For this to happen you can send over a ready complete design to be placed in the newsletter.

Graphics services

Having difficulties in designing a banner or logo? Let our graphic design team take care of that for you. We can create a design for you, making sure it represents you and you brand in the perfect way possible. If you already have something in mind or are open to design concepts show my our team, we can work together in creating something special. It is as easy as that. We listen, we discuss and we advise. Get in contact today.

Benefits of the one year sponsorship package:

  • Promote services or products all year round or for a certain period
  • Exposure to your company for longer period
  • More time to grab the attention and promote your unique service or products
  • Can use each month to promote different parts of your company (multiple services or products you may offer)

Get in touch by email or call the team on +44 (0) 116 253 0203 and we can have you on our newsletter and website in no time.

FREE to cancel ANY time.

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