Sponsorship Packages

For a number of years Help For Bands has provided free and unbiased blog posts to help artists progress their musical careers. We have a trusted brand that artists turn to for support in their careers. So if your company is looking to work with independent artists then a sponsorship package can help you tap into that direct market. We have put together two sponsorship packages which allows you to promote your business, products and services on our website for an agreed price and length of time.

There are advantages with having sponsorship packages for all three parties involved, artists and bands get to find out about your great services, you have the chance to promote your business and we are able to continue providing help for bands and artists.

Benefits of sponsoring Help For Bands includes:

  • Presenting your company & services to a large readership
  • Being featured on two occasions during the year
  • Gain additional marketing that will support your marketing team by enabling musicians to engage with your services & company

Being a sponsor of Help For Bands allows you to:

  • Communicate &¬†network with potential music clients
  • Advertise your services and / or products
  • Help to grow & create awareness of your business
  • Give additional digital marketing to support your marketing activities