03 June - 2013
Specialist Digital Music Stores for Rap Music By: Help For Bands, 0 Comments

You may already know that some labels and digital stores are specialised in one or two kinds of music. Take the Finnish label Digital Tunes, specialised in electronic music, or Metal Blade Records in the USA, who sell only metal music. We’ve covered the emergence of the UK rap scene, but now the question is: Do specialist digital music stores for rap music exist? Who understand rap artist’s needs better than basic digital stores?

Rap Music Specialties

Different websites specialise in rap music in the UK, like Underground HH. Here you can find news, videos, articles, and interviews, etc. Some of these websites have an online store where you can buy music from big online stores such as Amazon or 7 Digital.

If you are a rapper, and you want to promote your own music, don’t hesitate to post on these websites. Try uploading videos and giving some information about you, your background, your projects, etc.

For the moment, it seems there is still a lack of digital music stores specialising in rap music in the UK: this is a market which seems to be saturated and there is lot of competition. Especially from big online music stores, like Amazon or iTunes who have a gigantic rap music offering. There are also streaming services, like Spotify and Deezer who have large catalogues. However, in the USA (the birthplace of rap music), you can find some digital stores specialised in rap music. There’s Rap a Lot or SoSouth for example.

Are There Alternatives?

We can see something interesting nowadays: some UK rappers sell their music themselves (see also our previous blog about the identity of British rap). This can be on their own websites: often, when watching a music video on YouTube there’s a link to their website in the description.

This is a good solution to promote their websites, social networks and to have a control of their music. However, rappers can also go directly to music distributors such as Horus Music. They can deal with various genres to get music into hundreds of stores across the world.