20 January - 2014
The Role of a Record Label By: Help For Bands, 0 Comments

Whether you are signed to a major label or an independent label these are the jobs that you should expect your record label to be doing for you. Knowing the difference between the two can be very useful when you are approached by them.

Major labels or large independents will have different departments that look after each task. They have more money and resources but may limit your creative freedom.

Smaller labels will give you more creative control but have a lot less money and resources. They will employ just a handful of people that will look after the manufacture, recording and promotion of your record.

What Does a Record Label Do?

  1. Labels provide you with money so that you can make music and manufacture your record. They foot the bill for your recording process including paying for your studio time, the producer, engineer etc.
  2. Record labels will find you a suitable producer to help you create the best album possible. They may also have an art department that will develop your album artwork and website.
  3. The promotions division should create a strategic marketing campaign for your release involving press, radio, and TV appearances etc. A strong marketing campaign will increase the chances of a successful album release.
  4. Record labels are in charge of the distribution of your record. If they are a major or big indie label then they will use their own distribution services. Some smaller and independent labels may use outside distributors such as the brilliant Horus Music.
  5. They will sublicense to other record labels to release the recordings in different territories. This is done by licensing the use of the recorded material to them. This allows a local company to use its expertise in a territory.

If you know what help you would be looking for from a label, you know which would be the best option for you to sign with.