15 August - 2014
How To Make Your Gigs More Successful By: Nikki Halliwell, 0 Comments

Making your gigs more successful is what we would all like to achieve. But how do we do it?


It’s something we’ve all heard time and time again but it really is the key to more successful gigs (after all, practice makes perfect, right?). The importance of rehearsals can never be overstated though; all hard work leads to a confident performance. If you and your band are tight and have good shows then people are much more likely to come and see you. If you paid to see a band live and they were terrible then you wouldn’t pay to see them again. Why would you expect anything different from your audience?

A good place to start is by recording both your rehearsals and live shows and then watching them back. This a great way to spot any mistakes and to see why the audience reacted in the way they did. It is also a better way for working out a set list, if you don’t love it then why will others? This is one of the first steps to making your gigs more successful.

Spread Out Your Shows

If you play in the same area every week then you’re very unlikely to get a growing audience. People will simply view your band as one they could “watch next time.”

If you’re good enough and spread out your shows then people will be more willing to pay to see you play. Allowing more time between gigs also means that you have more time to promote yourselves and generate more interest.

Make it an Event

By spreading your shows you have time to come up with more ideas, including a theme and a title. The theme can be anything and it’s also a great idea if you have a new album to promote. Ideas like this are a great way to make your band stand out from the crowd and get noticed. A different theme each time will get people talking and more people will want to come to your gigs.

Sell Advance Tickets

Selling tickets in advance means that you can get people to commit to attending your gigs. Advance tickets should ideally be cheaper than the door price. If you have a good following, you can hide some tickets around your local town as a scavenger hunt. You can promote this across your social media and your website, Mötley Crüe has done this with great success. It’s the perfect way to make your gigs more successful.

Promote the Gig Yourself

So many bands make the mistake of thinking that the venue will promote their gig; this isn’t their responsibility. Venues put on gigs every week and it wouldn’t make sense for them to promote everything – it wouldn’t be cost effective. They only promote shows that will sell for them. If your first gig goes well then next time they may put in more effort for you.

Don’t rely on Facebook for your promotion either. Many people don’t even look at their event invites anymore because they get so many of them. You should promote through all possible mediums including physical flyers and posters, radio and sponsorships. Having professional looking promo material legitimises the show.

Get Out There and Make your Gigs More Successful

Weeks leading up to a gig are when you should be getting out there the most. Attend as many local shows as you can, visit bars and other places that you wouldn’t normally attend. The point is to reach out to as many people as possible to spread the word.

The main thing is to just get out there and talk to actual humans in the physical world. A personal invitation is much more effective and impactful.

You deserve to play in front of paying customers and these 6 steps should help make your gigs more successful.