28 August - 2016
International Marketing Advice By: Nikki Halliwell, 0 Comments

Here at Help For Bands, we are always trying to write blogs that musicians of all styles and abilities can relate to. We are also always trying to find international marketing opportunities for our Help For Bands subscribers in our monthly opportunities newsletter.

With this in mind, we thought we would catch up with one of the companies who gave us an international opportunity for our newsletter, and ask his opinion on the importance of building relationships worldwide in the music industry.

Jonas Olsen works in communications, PR and marketing for No Angel Records in Denmark. This means he promotes music daily and scouts for new music for the label. He also works with creative media producers such as directors, editors and ad agencies. Here, he gives his insight into the making international relationships in the industry, and the international marketing advice advice he would give to artists.

Have you ever worked with musicians outside of Denmark?

“We work with musicians from all over the world. Estonia, Canada and the U.S. are just a few examples. This goes not only for musicians but other publishers as well. We don’t believe in borders when it comes to musicians and music.”

How did this relationship come about? i.e. did they approach you or vice versa, how did you find each other?

“Well, both actually. We’ve reached out to some bands and others have reached out to us. Lately a lot more have reached out to us and we’ve made it very easy for artists to submit their music to us via our website. A lot of them have found out about us via our digital campaigns and we’ve found a lot of bands via independent music blogs and international music / media events such as SXSW and Tallinn Music Week.”

Do you believe there are benefits to creating relationships with people in the industry internationally?

“There are many benefits. I think musicians underestimate the power of an ‘international audience segment’ approach which an international network can give you. What doesn’t work in Denmark might work in Russia and vice versa. One of our Danish artists is quite popular in Poland, a country with a population of approx. 40 million people – 8 times more than Denmark. This was only possible due to our international network.”

From your experience in promoting music, what advice would you give to artists about making themselves and their music marketable in such a competitive industry?

“Consumers yearn for substance and meaning right now, and underground musicians aren’t good enough at delivering. To me, one of the most frustrating things is a musician that doesn’t know what they’re really good at or lacks a clear idea of what he / she wants to convey with his / her music. ‘I can play all genres and sing about everything’ just doesn’t cut it. Identity and individuality is key. That doesn’t mean that your music can’t evolve. It can. But you have to have a clear message and an identifiable style every time you promote your work. The artist’s message and personal identity is just as important as the music itself. Identifying popular and topical subjects is also an option if you want your songs to be more relevant and relatable to a broad audience.”

So, there you have it. Assessing yourself and the music you want to create could be the key to identifying whether you have a marketable product. Do you have an individual identity in your music? How would you describe yourself?

Knowing this could help you find international marketing opportunities as well. Just because the country your from isn’t taking much notice of your music doesn’t mean that another one won’t either. Find the right market for your music.

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