17 July - 2014
Increased Viewership for your YouTube Channel By: Nina Condron, 0 Comments

If you’ve already created a YouTube channel, you’re part way there. The next step is to start increasing your fanbase on the video platform.

Getting Started on YouTube

You need to create yourself a YouTube channel by attaining a custom URL. Make sure that this is kept in alliance with all of your other social network URL’s and in particular Google+. This can be used to group your fans into circles and target them with specific content or setting up hangouts etc.

When it comes to content you need to create engaging, authentic and entertaining content. Having incredible music videos and live footage is great but try and mix it up a bit. Why not include some interviews with your band, or get someone to film you back stage before a show. The more content that shows your band off in a good light and allows your fans an insight into your day to day life the better.

Be Social

You need to remember that YouTube, other than being a video steaming platform, is also social media platform and should be treated as such. You want to create a YouTube community of dedicated viewers and so you should be replying to every comment posted. Any spam messages should be removed.

Your audio releases have release schedules and so should your video uploads. They should be released at the same time as your single or album releases. This is due to the fact that a lot of people only use YouTube to consume music and if they don’t see the video may give up.

Optimise your Videos

Last of all make sure that your videos are searchable by using appropriate keywords. It is no good just having links to your social media. Although having links to your social media is important above that you should include the song title, your band / artist name and your label or publisher if you’re signed. All of these things will help your fans to locate your videos and increase the viewership for your YouTube Channel.