27 August - 2012
How to Get Your Music Played on Radio and TV By: Help For Bands, 1 Comments

Music is in the background of TV shows, in shops, in lifts. Music is simply all around us. Everyone loves music but why? What is it about music that can bring people together in a way that nothing else can? Why do we see so many wannabes on talent shows hoping for their big break?

Get Your Music Played on Radio and TV

So how can artists get their music played on Radio and TV. We are going to look here at a couple of services that could help in these areas.

Utilising some of these services to get your music played on radio and TV. From there, your music could soon become the soundtrack to our lives.


Rumblefish helps consumers, as well as those in the industry, create soundtracks for their projects.  The artist and labels receive royalties when their music is used. There is  a 50% split and it works on a non-exclusive basis.

Rubmefish provides music for TV shows, films, advertising agencies and video games. Royalties are paid to its members for the licensed use of their music. Its music-licensing store was launched in 2006 and was the first online resource for 100% copyright cleared music for business. A licensing deal with YouTube in 2008 lead to them launching Friendly Music in 2010. Here consumers can license soundtracks and is a great way for artist to get their music out there.


Youlicense is an online music-licensing marketplace. The service is non-exclusive and anyone with music content can upload and offer licenses to sell. It simplifies the business of music licensing and trade making it more direct. It is free to register for an account which can be upgraded to a professional or business account.


Taxi is an independent A&R company established in 1992. It works by forwarding your music to labels, publisher’s film and TV. Taxi has a 200 strong team of music industry professionals that listen to music and match it with requests. It provides artists with access to people with the power to take their career to the next level.

Detailed feedback is also offered which can help to identify your strengths and weakness. This does come at a cost but Taxi don’t take a percentage or any commission on deals made with labels, publishers etc. It could be a sound investment in your future.


Fastrax is a distributor of audio to commercial radio stations and new music videos to TV industry.  It also has a verification system that allows labels to keep track of who has listened to the song or watched the video. The company charges for delivery, so the more stations you deliver too, the more you pay.