11 March - 2013
The Expansion of Streaming Services By: Help For Bands, 0 Comments

With the advent of streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, We7 and Xbox Music the way we consume music is changing and developing at an incredible pace. Whilst many people believe that this is damaging musician’s careers by diminishing the importance of traditional record stores, it is important that artists get on board with these future technologies. Through having platforms available at the touch of a button, it is making music easier to search and find through being able to share your favourite playlists or see recommendations as to what to listen to next. Therefore, if artists have their music available on these platforms it is more likely that their music will be stumbled upon by people all across the world without them having to even leave their house.

In recent months we have seen streaming services like Deezer make their service available on Smart TV’s. This has included deals with electronics giants Toshiba, Samsung and LG. They will begin to roll out their platform to compatible TV’s this year. In a time where music is becoming increasingly immersive, it’s important that artists take note of all the tools available.

Streaming Service Availability

Streaming platforms are available through various mediums: websites, hi-fi systems and in-car systems; along with apps for mobile devices including Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and Windows phone. With this addition of Smart TV’s, there is no excuse for subscribers not to have access to their favourite music. It doesn’t matter whether they’re sat on their sofa  or on their morning commute. All consumers have to do is reach for their remote, smartphone or the power button for their car radio.

In the past gaining new fans would rely on being in record stores, on the off chance that someone found your CD. There would be the dilemma of them committing to buy something that they can’t listen to until they get home. After all this, there is the chance that they would find that it’s not the exact genre that they like. With streaming services, they pay their monthly subscription and they can try as many tracks as they want! People are more open to trying new things and exploring new genres with these platforms. This really is a great opportunity for artists to reach out to new audiences.

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