03 November - 2014
DJ Checklist By: Help For Bands, 0 Comments

We all forget to bring things when we need them the most. So we created a DJ checklist for you to use while you are packing your bag.


These are probably one of the most important items to bring to your gig. So it’s also important to get a pair that are comfortable, and good quality. There are different types of headphones that you can get, including closed cup headphones that sit on the ear, or a design that is in-between. Each person will have their own preference, so try on a few and see what works best for you.


This can be just a small LED light that you have on your key chain, but bring one. If you are playing on Vinyl / CD then this is even more essential. Not all clubs are properly lit in the booth, making it hard to see the titles of your tracks. Sometimes wires can become loose, power cables can disconnect, and this all needs sorting quickly. Make sure you can see what you are doing.

Ear Plugs

We all only have one pair of ears. Once damaged, they will not repair themselves. While in clubs you will be subjected to a lot of loud noise which you need protecting from. You can get cheap £10 ear plugs that are designed to reduce the amount of noise that enters your ear, without stopping it completely.

These will help you in the short term, but you’re better of getting custom moulds of your ears, and ear plugs made. These are a lot more professional and comfortable, and most people will not even see you wearing them. They can cost around £120, but they are worth protecting your ears. After all, if you are deaf, say goodbye your DJ career!

Business Cards

These are a quick and easy way to get your contact details out there. Keeping business cards on your DJ checklist is a sure and fast way to build up bookings.


If people liked your set, they will approach you wanting to talk, and to hear more. Having your latest mix burnt onto a CD / USB stick will allow you to give these people another taster of your music, helping to build your self a fan base. You should at least have them on Soundcloud.

Extension Chord

Power cables can break and need replacing, possibly part way through your set. If you are a laptop DJ, your laptop will need charging and there are sometimes no more available slots to do so. Bringing your own gives yourself some protection for when this happens.

Pen and Paper

Want to take requests? Want to take that persons email address who has just requested you keep him posted on any new mixes? Bring some, just incase!

Spare CD’s

Electronics don’t always do what you want them to do. Software can crash and become unresponsive etc. Always bring spare CD’s with you just incase your laptop grinds to a halt. Otherwise it will be a long awkward 5-10 minutes while you stare blankly at the crowd.