26 August - 2014
It’s A Digital Jungle Out There – Pt. 2 By: Nikki Halliwell, 0 Comments

It’s time to dive a little deeper into social media and how you can help yourself in the digital jungle. Just make sure you read part one first before you go any further.

Bands Are a Brand

Brand reputation management is key. PR is about reputation management through relationships, it is also the filter that bloggers need. A good team of PR and artist managers helps the artist to work on a long-term plan.

Your online profile is key to building relationships with your audience. As a new band, you should secure your name on different social media platforms while they’re still available. However don’t try to use the platform if you don’t know how to. Secure your name while you still can and come back to it later date when your team is bigger.

Social Posts in the Digital Jungle

Look at the pages you like and follow and look at what they post and why you like it. If you know what you like as a fan then you can apply that as an artist. If you aren’t doing it then another artist will be and will potentially steal your artist away from you. Everyone on social media is fighting for a share of voice.

On Twitter, you can even pay to promote your tweets to target specific audiences. You don’t have to empty your bank account to do it either! I recently can across a case where Allan Blair Beaton paid less than £3 to promote one of his tweets and sold 2 tickets to his show for £90 each.

Build a relationship with your fans, having your header image set as a photo of you with your fans at a show is a good way to start. Work on your fan relationships; just people someone likes a song doesn’t mean that will link the artist, this is a relationship that you have to build upon.

Photos and videos always go down well online and cross-pollination is a great way to increase your reach. When starting out, share songs and playlists that include people that you like or that are similar to you. This will help to get people interested, but don’t forget to include a couple of your own songs too!

Don’t forget YouTube

YouTube is free to use and easily accessible and yet it is still ignored by too many artists. These are the same artists who then wonder why they aren’t getting the exposure they need.

Have fun with your channel, be proactive and share your opinion. Creating a small amount of controversy is better than being dull and getting ignored.

Your subscribers will let you know if they like what you are doing and then you can easily adapt. YouTube has an extensive amount of analytics on offer so be sure to make use of them. Learn to understand them and use them to your advantage.

I hope that has cleared a few things up and helps you improve your social strategy. Once you have an engaged audience, it is much easier to transfer your likes into sales and streams.

So stop monkeying around and make yourself the king of the swingers in the digital jungle.