05 July - 2015
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Before pursuing a career in the music industry there are many useful links you should check out first. These can go a long way in helping you to know which area you’d like to work in as well as helping you find your next step.

Setting Up Your Own Company

  1. Decide upon company formation type:  Self trade, Limited Company (Ltd), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) etc.
  2. Register with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs:  www.hmrc.gov.uk
  3. Are you going to be VAT registered?:  If yes, register at www.hmrc.gov.uk
  4. Register your company name if you are going to be a limited company at:  www.companieshouse.gov.uk
  5. You could look at working with a career coach at: www.lifecoaching.com

UK Royalty Organisations

  • PRS for Music – www.prsformusic.com
  • Formally MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) & PRS (Performing Rights Society)
  • PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) – www.ppluk.com (use this link for VPL, PAMRA)

Industry Unions

Music Industry Job Searches

Major Record Companies Recruitment