13 June - 2015
Careers – TV / Radio Plugger By: Help For Bands, 0 Comments

A TV / radio plugger makes music available to be played on radio stations and music TV channels. They do this by working directly with artists and labels and presenting the music to key stations and influencers.

What Does the Role Involve?

This role hinges on networking and contacts. The better you know producers and heads of music at TV / radio stations then the more cooperative they will be.

The plugger must convince contacts that the music that have has a place in a station’s catalogue or playlist. A good plugger will be in regular contact with the radio and TV stations. They should be continuing to push the existing music they represent and introduce new artists and tracks. They will look for any kind of exposure for the music they are working with. This could be spot plays,  interviews, live performances, competitions and tickets or announcements etc.

Making Money as a TV / Radio Plugger?

The more contacts you have and the more successfully you can market artists and their music. Additionally, you can then also charge more for the services you are offering.

Big record labels will have pluggers on their staff who exclusively promote artists signed to them. Many pluggers also work freelance and are hired to promote artists from several labels at once.

Fees can be agreed with clients by how much exposure is obtained. However, due to the nature of plugging, the amount of plugging is not necessarily proportional to the amount of exposure. So it is common for contracts to include a basic fee with bonuses for successful exposure.

The best way to get started is to find people in your area that work in tv / radio and start cultivating relationships with them. Once established, you can start to offer your services out to local musicians and grow from there.