08 October - 2015
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A studio sound engineer is an engineer who works alongside a producer in a studio during the recording process. It is a varied role that can reap great rewards.

What Does the Role Involve?

The role of the sound engineer is to oversee and control the mixing desk during the recording process. In a studio environment they edit, manipulate, and mix sound by technical means in order to realise a finished track. Engineers are not generally involved in mastering, as this is a whole different role in itself. The sound engineer should work in tandem with the producer and make sure the artist is happy with the recording. This is in terms if the quality of the recording, equipment they will need and any other needs.

The role involves a great knowledge of recording and mixing consoles and technical expertise. A good sound engineer also needs to have a vast understand of many different genres of music. It’s important to know of other tracks that can be used as reference material too. Make sure you don’t copy the material though, as this can lead to legal problems further down the line.

An engineer can work with a producer and or an artist on more than one occasion. Often in bigger sessions the engineer will be more than likely brought in by the specific producer.

Making Money as a Studio Sound Engineer?

A sound engineer receives a set fee for the project taken out of the bands recording budget. On a smaller scale one person can so both jobs and they will usually charge more money. How good you are dictates how much work you will get and how much you could get paid.


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