08 January - 2015
Careers – Music Supervisor By: Help For Bands, 1 Comments

A music supervisor connects the music industry with visual media through the selection and licensing of music. The music can be featured in films, TV shows, video games and advertising.

There are several dedicated music supervision firms, but there are also many freelance supervisors and big production studios will often employ music supervisors themselves.

What Does the Role Involve?

The role of a music supervisor covers all musical aspects of a project. They work from the initial selection of tracks to the placement within the piece; they cover the use of music in the marketing of the finished product.

This job does not just involve picking music. A music supervisor must be aware of contract negotiation, licensing, budgets and cater to the desires of the team. The supervisor will also handle any secondary products such as soundtracks, videos etc. that aid in promotion.

They will receive music submissions directly from artists as well as from music publishers. They also need to be knowledgeable about a wide range of music and find music themselves as needed. Music supervisors typically have a brief which they need to fit music to.

Making Money as a Music Supervisor?

Obviously the main way to make money as a music supervisor is to be hired for projects. However soundtrack sales can garner royalties for the supervisor who designed it.

Salaries are very varied depending on factors like project size, experience of the supervisor and the manner of hiring. Permanent jobs at big production companies or networks offer good job security but a lower salary. Providing you can keep getting plenty of contracts, working freelance can be much more profitable with 6 figure fees on offer from feature films.