20 March - 2015
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A music promoter is the person responsible for putting on and running a live concert. They work directly with managers, artists and agents as well as venues in putting an event together.

Promoters can work on a small scale in their local area or they can work on a larger scale. Working with a promotions company involves working with bigger and better known artists in larger venues.

What Does the Role Involve?

The music promoter is in charge of booking a venue and artists, publicising the gig and distributing posters and flyers. They also arrange sound check and stage times for the artists performing. A large part of the promoter’s job is paying the artists for performing.

The promoter can also be asked to provide the artists with a rider, find accommodation, or sort out the backline. Promoters are responsible for ensuring the safety of the artists and the audience during the course of a gig. The promoter is responsible for making sure the gig runs smoothly and everyone including audience and the artists are happy.

Making Money as a Music Promoter

The pay for promoters varies and depends on several factors. It comes down to the deal they have with the artist and their popularity. Obviously the bigger the artist the more money there is likely to be involved.

Many promoters at a local level do it alongside their day jobs, as they don’t expect to make too much money from it. Agreeing to a door split deal means giving up a set fee and instead shares proceeds from ticket sales. In most instances, the music promoter will first recoup the costs they spent renting the venue and promoting the show. The remaining money is then split between the band and the promoter at a pre-agreed percentage rate. Promoters often weigh these percentages in favour of the band.

For a large scale tour like an arena tour one promoter will invariably promote all dates. Alternatively, one promoter could promote a UK tour except dates in Ireland or Scotland that would be handled by local promoters.


There are several large promotion companies all over the UK.  They are listed here on the concert promotions association website http://www.concertpromotersassociation.co.uk/