28 April - 2015
Careers – Music Producer By: Help For Bands, 0 Comments

A music producer works alongside the artist in the studio and oversees and manages the recording process. The main role is to work with the artist to produce the best recording possible. A producer should share the artists’ vision for the music and what the artists wants the recording to sound like.

What Does the Role Involve?

In the studio a music producer should oversee recording sessions and make sure everything sounds as good as it can. The producer can work solely with an artist however in bigger studios they will likely work alongside a studio engineer. The relationship between the producer and artist is vital as they can be a sounding board for any ideas.

They oversee the creation and therefore have to be in tune with the artist and what they’d like to achieve. They can act like a mentor and will often be the first port of call to discuss any musical ideas.

Artists often return to work with the same producers album after album simply because they know what is required. Successful artist and producer relationships know how to get the best out of each other.

How to Make Money as a Music Producer?

If working with a big name artist it’s more than likely the producer will be approached to discuss working together. The next step is to find a studio everyone is happy working in and feels comfortable in.

Bigger name producers will usually bring their own engineers as they get to know each other working practices and styles. The producer will be paid a cut from the bands’ budget for recording.  The size of the cut depends on the size of the band and the caliber of the producer.

The main thing for producers who are running their own studios is how good they are at what they do.  The better they are, the more work they get; as their reputations grow the more money they will be able to earn.