17 February - 2015
Careers – Music Manager By: Help For Bands, 0 Comments

A music manager is responsible for managing the careers of one or more artists (see what skills a good manager needs in our previous blog). They will be the first point of contact for everyone both from inside and outside the music industry.  They generally have the most interaction with the artist and work with them every day. A manager is generally the most important person in the artist’s musical life. They are involved in planning, coordinating and organising the entire career of the artist.

What Does the Role Involve?

They are involved in counselling and advising the artist on all matters related to their musical careers. They negotiate financial deals with the label for expenses like touring and recording and oversee accountants, agents, and merchandisers.

The music manager should research the music industry and know all about record labels, publishing companies, producers, booking agents, promoters, recording engineers etc. They need to integrate themselves into the overall career plan. Any problems that the artist has should be dealt with by the manager. The more contacts the manager has within the industry, the more effective they will be at their job.

A good relationship between both a manager and artist in vital. They work very closely together and the artist needs to feel confident that their manager is looking out for them.

Making Money as a Manager?

The bigger the band or artist the more money that’s involved. As a general rule most managers take somewhere between 15% – 20% cut of an artists income. This will be from all of the income that the artist receives and is not limited to record sales or live performances.

The percentage that they will take should be decided early on and agreed in a written contract. The harder both parties work. the more they will both earn.