11 May - 2017
Can Sponsoring Help a Band or Artist? By: Naomi Reho, 1 Comments

Some artist or bands may think that getting a sponsor is like making a deal with the devil. You sell your soul for the one thing you most desire, fame. But is that really the case? We don’t think so. You have to be smart and see where the opportunities lay in the industry.

Is Sponsoring Bad?

Some bands have fin with their sponsorship deals. Look at the extreme product placement from All Time Low did in their ‘ I Feel Like Dancing’ video.

It’s a bit extreme, but its a good example of making fun of sponsorship deals. And it doesn’t mean you’d have to sell your soul to do what you love. Yeah, sure, All Time Low probably got a lot of money out of it from Rockstar Energy, but think about it this way; more money, means more investments in your band or music.

With the money you get, you can invest in new materials for tour. Or you could invest in new merchandise. You could even use some of your sponsorship money to pay for new recordings and studio time. Do something special and manufacture limited edition vinyls! It can really expand your creativity and once potential new fans see how creative you’re getting with your sponsorship, and you don’t overdo it at live shows, they could actually start paying more and more attention to your music.

But make sure you do it for the right reasons. It’s good to have some extra money in, but don’t be a sell-out. Be smart and be creative.

So, do you still think that sponsoring is a bad thing?