13 September - 2012
Apple iTunes Digital Booklet By: Help For Bands, 1 Comments

Did you know that when you have your album delivered to Apple iTunes, you can at the same time have a digital booklet added? I did say album, as this doesn’t yet apply to EP’s or singles. The beauty of the digital booklet is that when a customer purchases your entire album, they get the digital booklet. The iTunes digital booklet has been available now for a couple of years, yet it is something many artists either don’t know about or just don’t use.

The iTunes digital booklet should be thought of as a marketing opportunity. If your customer doesn’t purchase the whole album then they don’t get the booklet. So it’s a great way of encouraging your fans to purchase the whole thing rather than just cherry picking tracks.

The booklet can contain anything you like such as lyrics, exclusive pictures, text, drawings, absolutely anything. It is just like you would see with traditional booklets you get with your CD.  You don’t need to pay lots of money getting it produced either.  If you can use Microsoft Word or anything similar, you can produce an iTunes digital booklet.

How Should an iTunes Digital Booklet Look?

There are some requirements, so here is a guide as to what you need to do to take advantage of the Apple iTunes digital booklet for your release:

  • Your booklet must be a minimum of 4 pages in length.
  • Must be delivered in a PDF format.
  • 72 dpi or 150dpi for images as a minimum.
  • RGB format.
  • 11 inches wide and 8.264 in height as minimum dimensions. (For those in the UK, we suggest choosing A4 will be sufficient.)
  • All text and images must be viewed horizontally.
  • Embed all fonts and images.
  • No barcodes, crop or print marks.
  • No links to purchase outside of iTunes. (Perhaps don’t include any links at all).
  • Documents can mention “iTunes”, but only if they link or refer to iTunes for purchase. Apple will not allow documents to mention or link to another competitor music source.
  • No bleed required, or as they say, full bleed for your pages. What does this mean?  For a print copy you would leave a blank boarder, but for digital books, no border needed.
  • All pages should be tested first with Apple Preview, if using an Apple computer, and Acrobat Reader for PC systems.
  • When saving as a PDF, ensure the documents open full screen – ”Fit Visible” in Acrobat.
  • Number all pages.
  • A maximum file size of 10 MG.

For examples of iTunes digital booklets, you should visit Google Images and search Digital Booklet where you get a lot of different examples of how artists have presented their booklets and the types content they have included.