14 November - 2014
Ableton Live 9 Key List for Mac By: Help For Bands, 0 Comments

Menus with software such as Ableton Live 9 can be time consuming (also see useful features). The quickest way around this is to build up your repertoire of key commands. It speeds up your workflow and can actually make your music much tidier. Some key commands remain the same throughout the many DAWs, but there are some differences.

Below is a list of some of our favourite key commands from Ableton Live 9!


Select the clip (either in arrangement or session view), and press ‘0’. This will mute the clip until the clip is deleted or un-muted.


Select the region, then press CMD + D to duplicate.

Clip Merging:

CMD + J – This turns your selection of individual clips, and consolidates them into one.

Arrangement / Session view:

Tab – jumps between the two windows. Quick and easy!


Select the region (either audio or midi), and press CMD + U to quantise the notes.


CMD + E splits the clip into two sections.

Fine Tuning:

Select a parameter or a clip, and while holding press CMD + Drag with the mouse to make small adjustments. Small adjustments with fine tuning can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to applying edits or effects.

Insert Captured Scene:

CMD + Shift + I

Draw Mode:

B – This is always really useful to quickly draw MIDI notes!


CMD + S – a good habit to get into. Computers can crash sometimes, and you don’t want to lose all of your valuable work!


CMD + R – Stay organised by renaming individual clips and audio channels so that you know what they are being used for. When your session gets to 20+ audio channel strips, things can start to get confusing!

That rounds rounds up the list of key commands that we find useful in Ableton Live 9. Does anyone have any interesting ones that we have missed out? Please comment so I can add them and we can build our list of key commands together.