20 June - 2016
10 Ways to Increase your Views on YouTube By: Nikki Halliwell, 0 Comments

Increase your views on YouTube with 10 easy steps which will increase your visibility and engagement (also see the increased viewership YouTube channel blog).

1. SEO Your Video

Your video title and tags should be optimised for the search terms you would like your video to show up in search results for.

You should have a detailed description that includes your social media links too.

2. Use a Suitable Thumbnail

Not all YouTube suggested thumbnails accurately represent your video. You can upload your own but make sure it is a suitable image and is not misleading to your audience as this will affect your Watch Time.

3. Use Facebook

Embed posts on Facebook to increase your views across multiple platforms.

You should also look at uploading the video directly to Facebook as it will then autoplay in the News Feed and Facebook prioritises native videos over other video formats.

4. Don’t Forget Twitter

Twitter is the best way to stay up-to-date with everything you care about. Use relevant #’s with your video but make sure you do so in a may that isn’t spammy or misleading.

5. Include a Call-To-Action

Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel at the end of your video. Explain to viewers how your channel will be of use to them, what type of content you will be posting and how often they can expect new videos.

6. Be Consistent

Continuity and regularity is key. Create a posting schedule that you can stick to and include consistent elements at the start or end of your video that viewers stick around to watch.

7. Create a Supporting Blog for Your Channel

This works well for cross promotion, it also creates a central location for you between your YouTube channel, social media accounts and other activity on the web. It also helps to create a sense of community and makes it easier for fans to contact you.

8. Create an Email Newsletter

Encourage people to sign up in your Call-to-action and from your blog. It creates a better relationship with you and your subscribers. It creates a sense of loyalty too and can make it easier for you to engage with your most loyal subscribers.

9. Use Google Ad-Words

These do actually work and are more cost effective than Facebook ads. You can see results for a relatively low cost and you only pay whenever someone clicks on your ad.

10. Make a Channel Trailer

Keep it short, usually under 60 seconds. Introduce yourself and let viewers know what they can expect from your channel.