04 July - 2016
The Importance of Research By: Hannah McNally, 0 Comments

The importance of research for your music career can not be overstated and you’ll be surprised by what it can lead to.

Find Opportunities

All festivals far and wide, whether small or large, tend to look for some unsigned artists to perform – some even solely stage unsigned artists and even the Daddy of music festivals, Glastonbury, run a competition to have unsigned artists at the festival. It is also highly likely that there are venues in your local area that will have live performances from artists just like you. Get searching! Just research specific venues or festivals or the words “venues/festivals in (your county)”. Something is bound to come up. You can also research studios in your area to record in. How can you get exposure without material to expose?

Learn New Skills

A producer can learn new recording skills, see reviews on what the best equipment is to use. You could also find new features on the social media sites you use to boost its presence. These are just examples. Evaluate yourself in terms of what you already do and what you want to do and go looking for ways to improve.

Get Inspired

Find new music that could influence your work and give you the inspiration to write your next song.  Obviously don’t copy their work but it’s perfectly fine, flattering even, to be inspired by someone else’s creativity!

Get Advice

We’re not the only advice blog out there. If you have questions go looking for the answers, there are plenty of us out there waiting to pass on their wisdom for your benefit!

Stay Up-To-Date with the Industry

Like any industry, it is important to understand the world you want to work in. If you don’t understand how royalties work, or you don’t know what a 360 or 180 deal means, or you actually have no idea what labels/managers/publishers are looking for in their artists then the chances are you can easily get screwed over! Obviously, the music is the most important part of what you do, but if you don’t spend time looking into the other (less interesting) bits like finance and contracts etc. then it’s easy for others to take advantage of you.

The true importance of research is too much to cover in one post. It’s never smart going into anything in life with your eyes completely shut. We know how easy it is to get lost in your music and never really doing anything about it. But opportunities and ways to develop yourself are right on your doorstep, you just have to look for them.