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Need Some Music Industry Experience? Look No Further!

Last year we posted some useful links for starting your own business and finding your dream job in the music industry. If you are currently looking for experience in the music industry, these links are still relevant, and could provide you with a way of beginning your music career! Sites such as Art …

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Why It Doesn’t Matter If No One Comes To Your Gig

Why It Doesn’t Matter If No One Comes To Your Gig

This might sound like a strange one but bare with me! You’ve booked yourself a gig, you’re (hopefully) promoting it online and/or face to face, you’ve put in the practice and perfected your set list… Then hardly anyone comes to watch the show or not as many people as you expected turn up. …

Protect Your Ears

Protect Your Ears!

  Your ears are your biggest assets so don’t take them for granted. There’s no coming back from serious hearing damage or Tinnitus (ringing in your ears). Try to limit your exposure to two hour blocks (not always possible). Then rest for 30mins (do some quiet editing). My Engineer …

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How to Get Better Vocal Recordings

How to Get Better Vocal Recordings

In my previous blog on recording, I have covered drums and guitars. Once the main instruments have a …

How To Break Through Creative Blocks

How To Break Through Creative Blocks

  Can experimenting with an instrument help you break through a creative block? Ann …

Tips to Make Your Mix Sound More Professional

Tips to Make your Mix Sound More Professional

The first thing you need to think about when mixing a song is what genre you are working with. Each …

The Singer Songwriter’s Guide to Recording Equipment

The Singer Songwriters Guide to Recording Equipment

Soundbase Megastore is located in the upbeat Northern Quarter of Manchester city centre and boasts a …

Do you Have What it Takes to Land a Music Sync Deal?

sync deal

  Pop quiz — High School style. Ben Lindvall knows what it takes to land a sync de …

Describing Your Music for the Media

Describing your Music for the Media

You’ve spent the last few months polishing off your album. You’ve got an album launch date in mi …

Get International Exposure for your Music at Midem

Get international exposure for your music at Midem

A message from our sponsors, Horus Music.   Are you looking to get exposure in the worl …

Looking to Tour France? Be Your Own Booking Agency

Looking to tour france

Below we have a table of venues across different regions in France. This information is only for sub …

Top Apps For Musicians

Top Apps for Musicians

  The world of smartphone apps is ever growing and it can be hard to sift through what i …

Recording Guitar and Bass – How to Get Better Guitar Recordings

Recording Guitar and Bass

In my previous blog post I tackled recording drums in the studio. Things get a bit simpler in this …

Careers – Roadie and Lighting Crew

Careers – Roadie and Lighting Crew

  What are the lighting crew and roadies? These jobs are based strictly in the area of live …

How to Become a Better Vocalist

How to Become a Better Vocalist

Simple Yet Effective Vocal Warm-Ups and Techniques   It is important to spend at least 10 m …

The Evolution of How we Purchase and Listen to Music


How has it evolved?  Today’s music industry has rapidly changed from where it was a decade …

Careers – Session Musician

Careers – Session Musician

What is a session musician? A session musician is someone who is not an artist or member of ban …

5 Things to Avoid When Trying to Get Signed To A Record Label

5 Things To Avoid When Trying To Get Signed To An Indie Record Label feat

  Hi, my name's Lewis and I run The Adult Teeth Recording Company, an independent record …


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